Other Learning Information


Driving instructor badge

On all driving school cars you will see a ‘certificate’ displayed near to the car tax disc.

A GREEN badge defines that this driving instructor is Fully qualified and has passed all three DSA qualifying examinations to become an ADI (Approved driving instructor). They are very tough examinations and only around 30% who start the training course actually qualify. See the green badge in the photograph of our car – it’s just above the car tax disc. This is where every driving instructor MUST display their badge.

You will sometimes see a RED badge in the same location on some driving school cars. This shows that the instructor is a trainee and has not yet passed the final qualifying examination which tests the instructor’s teaching ability.

Many driving schools allow trainees to teach their pupils in an attempt to offer cheap driving lessons.

So always check the colour of the instructor’s badge on your first driving lesson.

How many driving lessons will I need?

Every pupil will require a different amount of driving lessons. Every day i’m asked “How many lessons will I need?” The simple answer is that we do not know until we have seen you drive. So book an FREE assessment and I will be able to give you a more precise idea.

The UK driving test is now one of the hardest driving tests in the world to pass. So many pupils think they will only need ten or fifteen hours. The DSA suggest that anybody attempting the driving test needs an average of forty-eight hours worth of driving. Even that is only the equivalent of one weekend of driving. Be realistic and remember that one day your safety will depend on the skills you mastered on your driving lessons in our area.

Learn properly and keep yourself safe.