My driving school covers Exwick

If you wish to discuss anything to do with learning to drive then please call my driving school in Exwick. I will be only too happy to answer any of your questions.

It is easy to identify qualified driving instructors and trainee driving instructors in Exwick by the colour of the badge that they must display in the car’s windscreen near to the car tax disc. Qualified driving instructors show a green badge whereas a red badge highlights a trainee driving instructor.

All qualified driving instructors are inspected to make sure they are maintaining their teaching skills on a regular basis. At the end of each ‘check-test’ the qualified driving instructor is graded by the Driving Standards Agency. The highest grade any qualified driving instructor can achieve is a grade six. I am proud that I am a grade 5.

There are basically two kinds of driving schools in Exwick. There are cheap driving schools in Exwick and there are good driving schools in Exwick! However, there are no good and cheap driving schools in Exwick. The cheap driving schools invariable use trainee driving instructors. What a pupil learns on their driving lessons in Exwick will help keep them safe once the test has been passed and they are driving alone. Always get the best driving tuition in Exwick that it is possible to get. One day your life may depend upon that tuition.

Reducing the cost of your driving lessons in Exwick can easily be achieved by simply paying a deposit when booking the initial driving lesson with our driving school in Exwick. This payment guarantees that the pupil will be there when I arrive for the first driving lesson in Exwick. Call my driving school in Exwick to see what offers are available for such bookings.

The price that my driving school in Exwick quotes you will remain the same no matter when the driving lesson in Exwick takes place. The reason this is mentioned is because some other driving schools in Exwick charge a higher price for driving lessons taken in the evenings or at weekends. My driving school in Exwick does not agree with this practise.

When some driving schools in Exwick quote you a price they are only quoting for driving lessons which last for between 45-50 minutes. My driving school in Exwick does sixty minute driving lessons and that is guaranteed.

My driving school in Exwick can arrange any type of driving course. If a pupil simply wants one driving lesson in Exwick per week or an intensive driving course then my driving school in Exwick will try and have everything organised within an hour of receiving the order.

My driving school in Exwick does the Pass Plus course for all our pupils once they have passed their driving test. This Pass Plus course is a maximum of six hours and includes motorway training. For doing these courses the vast majority of national insurance companies will give pupils up to 25% off their first car insurance premium. This can be worth many hundreds of pounds to our pupils.

My driving lesson vouchers make excellent gifts for special occasions and Christmas presents. Our driving lesson vouchers can be for any number of driving lessons in Exwick and my driving school in Exwick will post the driving lesson vouchers out the same day that the payment is received.  

My driving school in Exwick began many years ago and it is these years of experience that helps my driving school in Exwick maintain an excellent first time pass rate.